Gone Fishing!

This year – and the past three months in particular – have been pretty gruelling. You only have to look at what my small team have achieved this week – five major initiatives, all, almost delivered on time.

We are  disappointed that the gremlins spoiled the new  “Brave New Top Sales World” launch, but anyone who has ever built a new website, never mind one as complex as TSW, will understand the need to legislate for “Sod’s Law”

However, we look forward with tremendous optimism, as we contemplate the upcoming Top Sales Academy and TSW14 – our first venture into the conference arena.

What differentiates TSW, is the commitment and loyalty of the contributing team – the very best sales minds on the planet. We deliver what frontline sales professionals want to hear and read, and they do not pay to do that. They do it because they share my commitment and passion for wanting to continually raise the bar in terms of sales excellence.

TSW is also totally focused on re-dressing the imbalance of males/females in the sales environment – and in leadership roles.

Finally, unlike other similar sites and venues, we are not driven to make huge profits. Rather, our driving motivation is to continue to ensure free access to the very best resources, supported by partners and sponsors who share our vision.

It is no coincidence  that TSW is now the most visited sales-related venue, and our monthly magazine is read by four times more salespeople than the next best offering.

But, do you know what? We have barely started. There is so much more we can and will achieve.

I am off to renew the saw, and plot the next phase of TSW. As a consequence, I will next post in July.

Please do get across to the new Top SalesWorld as often as you can, and enjoy all the new elements and resources.

More soon ….


  1. says

    Congratulations to the new web site! I love it! It’s a such a great step, very clean, easy to navigate, very creative and just one of the many innovations your are continuously driving to reinvent TopSalesWorld, to make it the best sales community, to take it to the next level.

    Your blog post today expresses in a nutshell why I’m so happy to be part of TopSalesWorld as a contributor and why I feel honored to be part of the world’s best sales community. In addition, as part of the newly formed MHI Global group, we couldn’t have found a better partner than TopSalesWorld!

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