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We are delighted to announce that July’s edition of the Top Sales Magazine has been published – slightly later this month due to the July 4th celebrations in the US.

In the interview “hot-seat” this month is Nancy Bleeke, author of the best-selling book “Conversations That Sell”

Also in this issue we have guest articles from Dr. Tony Alessandra, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Dan McDade, Diane Helbig and Jason Dobbs.

Our regular feature writers, Barb Giamanco, Nancy Nardin, Babette Ten Haken and Tamara Schenk are joined by sales management guru Keith Rosen.

As usual we also announce this month’s Top Sales Article and Top Sales Blog Post, and you will find all the details on nominating your favorites for the 2013 Top Sales & Marketing Awards 

Finally in my regular “JF Uncut” column, I reveal my experiences with my first (and only) sales manager, and why you should be defending margin at all costs. 

Here is a taster for you 

“We Must Keep Talking … In this E-World, Conversations Still Rule” A conversation with Nancy Bleeke

Nancy has interviewed, trained, and coached thousands of salespeople around the globe, from Fortune 100 companies to small family-owned businesses, imparting the ability to sell with the belief that selling is helping others do or decide something.

“Time Management” by Dr.Tony Alessandra

Time is nature’s greatest “force.” Nothing can stop it, nothing can alter it. Unlike the wind, it cannot be felt. Unlike the sun, it cannot be seen. Yet, of all nature’s forces, time has the most profound effect on us

“Reaping the Value of Long-Term Leads” by Dan McDade

In 1885, William Lever of Lever Bros. said, “Half of the marketing money you spend is wasted—trouble is you don’t know which half.” Unfortunately, there is a good chance that substantially more than half of your marketing investments are being squandered.

“How to Write an Effective Sales Team Policy” by Diane Helbig

Having a sales department policy is the foundation of success for any organization, no matter how big or small. Whether you have one or one hundred sales people, you need to have clearly defined guidelines and expectations. This keeps everyone on the same course and provides metrics for measuring results.

“Transforming Sales Professionals into Virtual Sales Teams” by Jason Dobbs

For years, I was an outside salesperson. I built relationships for a living. The challenge and reward of building those relationships is integral to all sales, inside and out, but now modern technology—web conferencing, HD video streaming, smartphones and tablets—is bringing the personal connection of the outside sale into the office.

“Why Now Is an Exciting Time to Be a Sales Leader” by Gerhard Gschwandtner

When most people see change, they focus on negatives: the challenges, the problems, and the losses. But when great sales leaders see change, they see more than that. They see opportunity..

“How to Make Sales Enablement a Strategic Discipline?” By Tamara Schenk

Sales enablement – How to develop the discipline to a strategic function? Let’s discuss a few lessons learned to help you finding your organization’s specific sales enablement journey. No silver bullets? Unfortunately not. I’m a firm believer that every organization has to find its own way how to define sales enablement, because every organization has specific challenges, a different culture and different ways how to approach change.

“The Fine Art of Using Your Soft Skills” by Babette Ten Haken

You are an artist. That descriptor doesn’t sound like your job title, does it? “You are responsible for understanding and articulating, in language everyone can appreciate, how your core capabilities provide cross-functional value to your colleagues, your organization, and your clients.”

“They Said” by Barb Giamanco

Technology has been my constant companion since the early 80’s. An encounter with an IBM 3270 mainframe propelled me into a sales career selling hardware and software solutions.

“Defend Your Margin – Selling on Price is a Cop-Out” by Jonathan Farrington

I suppose I should consider myself quite fortunate that my first sales manager (and in fact the only sales manager I worked for) was such a strong disciplinarian. By “strong” I mean he was a tough, uncompromising, unsympathetic, no-nonsense type of guy. Unfortunately he was also bigoted, racist, homophobic and chauvinistic.

“The Formula for Coaching Success” by Keith Rosen

While most managers can see the benefits of great coaching from any recent study, if you haven’t experienced great coaching first-hand, then how would you know how to deliver it? Use this formula for coaching success and assess your coaching effectiveness.

“Gamification Solutions for Sales Teams” by Nancy Nardin

If you’ve ever bought a lottery ticket, or checked a bottle cap to see if you won, you’ve participated in Gamification. Gamification is just a fancy word for marketing tactics (games and contests) that get people to engage with a company or a brand in a more personal, social way.

Focus On – Kelley Robertson

Kelley Robertson began his sales career in a men’s clothing store in the mid-seventies. With no experience or training, he struggled to make ends meet and eventually changed directions by moving into the hospitality industry.

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