If You Are One of the One in Two, Here Are One or Two Things You Should Do ….


I am reliably informed that at least one in two front-line sales professionals are going to be behind quota at the end of this week – the end of Q2.

Surprised? Not me.

Now, we can consider all of the reasons: Markets are becoming more competitive; the standards and quality of sales skills  have never been so poor; 80% of sales managers are insufficiently qualified to lead their teams; companies remain ignorant of the need to take at least a portion of their trading online; standards of customer care – and hence customer retention - are generally quite appalling ….. and so on.

We cannot play the “poor economic conditions” card any longer. It is an exhausted excuse. It is dog-eared after five years of constant use.

It is time to wake up and savour those aromatic, caffeine influenced aromas. 

If you are someone who is responsible for organizing sales team development for your company, read on, I am about to save you a lot of money.

If you are a sales manager – dare I say leader – read on, I am about to save you considerable embarrassment.

If you are a front-line sales professional – read on, I am about to help you save your job. 

Over at Top Sales World we have designed the most comprehensive FREE online sales program ever created, to be delivered by some of the most successful sales gurus on the planet: Top Sales Academy.

Academy has been divided into – and will be delivered in – four levels: Sales Management/Internal Sales/External Sales/Consultative Sales.

We have already delivered the Sales Management level and on July 9th, we launch the Internal Sales program, here are some additional details ….. 

Internal Sales Level:

For years, an inside sales position has been considered as the bottom rung on the sales ladder… Their immediate ambition to gain promotion to an outside sales job, with a car and an expense account – an obvious sign, to their family and friends, that they were “making it” in sales . Not anymore! Today’s breed of inside sales professional is bright, qualified and well rewarded. Inside sales is now a career – not a mere stepping stone. Their commercial bandwidth is much wider and their skill-sets are, at the very least, the equivalent of their “outdoor” colleagues.

Members of our Faculty delivering this program:
Trish Bertuzzi, Jonathan Farrington, Colleen Francis, Barb Giamanco, Jill Konrath, Ken Krogue, Kendra Lee, Lori Richardson, Tibor Shanto and Wendy Weiss.

The Timetable: 

July 9th “The Characteristics of Top Inside Sales Pros” Jonathan Farrington

July 11th “18 Ways to Keep Sales Momentum Going Through the Summer” Lori Richardson

July 16th “Selling in a Changing Market” Tibor Shanto

July 18th “KPI vs. KP-why? Key metrics to track your results – before it’s too late!” Colleen Francis

July 25th “Solving the Social Selling Puzzle” Barb Giamanco

July 27th “Inside Sales: Professional Sales Done Remotely” Ken Krogue

July 30th “6 Things You Need to Know Before You Call Another Prospect” Wendy Weiss

Aug 1st “The New Rules of Email Selling” Kendra Lee

Aug 6th “Secrets of Prospecting Ninjas” Jill Konrath

Aug 8th “SalesSpeak: The Good, the Bad & the Unforgivable” Trish Bertuzzi

Registration and Details

Registering for the Internal Sales Level could not be easier. Simply enter your details HERE and we will send you a reminder just before each session.

You can choose which presentations you wish to attend and then register for them individually.

All of the ten modules will be delivered via GoToWebinar which is a platform that we have used for seven years and we feel entirely comfortable with.

With a global audience, it is always impossible to cater for every time zone, so we have chosen to go with 1:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm MT) which should be convenient for our North American and European delegates. We will make the recordings available to everyone else.

One further point about the recordings: These will not be available until the end of the entire program, and will be posted on August 15th.

As with all three other levels of Academy, the Internal Sales Level is FREE, thanks to our generous sponsors iMeet (Principal Program Sponsors) and InsideSales.com (Sponsors for the Internal Sales Level)

If you are serious about becoming the best you can possibly be, don’t wait around for your company or your manager to make you successful – seize the moment and accept full responsibility for your own development.

Your success is important to us!




 Latest News: I think that is quite enough excitement for one day, don’t you?


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    I am registered, and look forward to this unique learning opportunity.

    Hats off, and thank you to the faculty members of the Internal Sales program for deliverng this program, sharing your knowledge, and your wisdom.


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