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June’s Top Sales magazine is our most adventurous edition so far …

We have introduced four new regular columnists – all experts in their field – Nancy Nardin (Sales Process Tools), Barb Giamanco (Social Selling), Babette Ten Haken (Commercial Skills for Non-Sales Professionals) and Tamara Schenk (Sales Enablement) – and do look out for two more new feature -  writers next month.

Then we have announced the much anticipated 2013 Top Sales & Marketing Influencers list, and we will leave you to figure out who has slipped out from 2012 and who has forced their way in.

This month’s guest articles come from Joanne Black, Jill Konrath, Anthony Iannarino, Mike Weinberg and Todd Schnick, and Leanne Hoagland-Smith makes her first appearance “In the Spotlight”

We are urging you to nominate your favorites for this year’s Top Sales & Marketing Awards – 15 categories, which means 45 medals up for grabs this year.

But there can be no doubt that the real highlight this month is Linda Richardson’s interview with Jeffrey Gitomer – “The Perils of the BUY NOW Button” and we are ceratin you will enjoy his pearls of wisdom immensely – for example: “Love what you do or get out of it. It takes loving what you do to rise to the top. If you believe in your heart you can help your customer, march in there and do it.”

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News: There will be a couple of guest posts over the w/e, so do join me, but in any event, have a good one, you have earned it!

Me? Off to celebrate my birthday :-)



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