Reflections on the Sales 2.0 Conference in London



If you ever want advice on how to organize and deliver a top class conference, then you should speak to Gerhard and Larissa (Gerhard’s daughter) Gschwandtner of Selling Power.

I cannot remember when  I enjoyed an event of this type more! Everything was perfect: The planning and organization was superb; the location ideal; just the right number of highly enthusiastic delegates; excellent speakers and Gerhard was the perfect host.

Unfortunately I missed Gerhard’s opening address, but he spoke about “Reaching Maximum Sales Potential: Capitalizing on Sales 2.0 Trends in 2013″ and  everyone told me it was “spot on”

Next up was “More Science & Less Art” presented by Anna Koivuniemi and Ted Callahan, both Associate Partners with McKinsey & Company and again very polished presentations.

However, Gerhard apart, David DiStefano CEO of Richardson and his guest/client Dave Partington of Gallagher Heath stole the pre-coffee show – ““Did Bob really just sell something!” Experiences of Trying to Change a Sales Culture” offering us a glimpse of what it is like to be on the receiving end of Richardson’s excellent service.

The panel discussion after coffee was titled The Future of Sales, which Gerhard moderated with his usual aplomb. The panelists were Jacco van der Kooij, Sales Leader, Harmonic Inc.(What a great guy he is) Steve Gilroy, Chief Executive, Vistage International (UK) Ltd. David Keene, Head, Enterprise Marketing, Google and myself.

We each spoke around the topic for about 45 minutes, and took a lot of questions from the floor. I don’t want to go into too much detail as this forms the basis of my regular column in this month’s Top Sales Magazine out on Friday.

Following that we were treated to a master-class in presentation skills from Terri Sjodin, Principal & Founder, Sjodin Communications “Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect” and she very kindly sent me over a copy of her book “Small Message, Big Impact” which I actually started reading on the train home!

Did I mention the catering? Lunch in the garden was most enjoyable, and a great opportunity to catch up with lots of people, and meet a host of new contacts, including David DiStefano, Etien D’Hollander of Front Row Solutions, Henrik and the team from Membrain (there were so many of them that I thought it must be the annual company outing) and of course Tamara Schenk – at last – looking just as lovely in real life!

The afternoon session continued in the same vein, and some of the “big-guns” were rolled out including:

“Insight: Your Road to Sales Enablement” Stephanie Dart, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The “Social Sales” Scorecard: Metrics for Sales & Marketing Success Laura Nuhaan, Partner, The Andeta Group

and another quality roundtable …

How to Successfully Adapt to Changes in Buyer Behavior: Real-World Insight from Global Procurement Directors
Moderator: Andrew Moorhouse, Principal Consultant, Blue Sky Performance Improvement
Panelists: Martin Webb, Former Global Procurement Director at British Airways and CPO at Orange; currently representing Cisco and AXA, Steve Wills, Former Global Procurement Director at AXA. Head of Procurement strategy for London 2012 Olympic Games, Larry Beard, Global Procurement Director for Tate & Lyle; formerly CPO at Aer Lingus

I offer both my thanks and my congratulations to Gerhard and Larissa – that is how it should be done!

Now I must turn my attention to my keynote at SMP2013 on Thursday – another day, another audience.


News: Lots of new updates over at Top Sales World today – do go and take it all in HERE

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