JF’s Big Weekend Shout Out ….

JFs Shout Out


There is so much happening over the next couple of weeks that I thought I should provide you with a heads up so that you don’t miss any of the action. In date order ….

We are delivering Modules 5 and 6 of the Top Sales Academy Sales Management Level next week.


On Tuesday May 21st, Nancy Nardin is presentingThe Key to Explosive Revenue Growth: Measuring Sales Productivity vs. Quota Attainment”

Quota is the heart-beat of every organization because:

  • It’s the revenue number management relies on for business planning purposes
  • It’s how Sales Managers and individual performers know what’s expected of them if they want to meet their own income goals.

Here’s the problem with sales quotas: they only tell you whether you’re on target to meet or exceed expectations. They don’t tell you whether you could be selling more and what’s preventing that from happening. In this 45 minute session, you’ll learn about the concept of ‘sales capacity’ (and how to calculate it), and the two key elements needed to grow revenue substantially; sales capacity and use-of-time – both of which have to do with sales productivity.

Then on Thursday May 23rd, Linda Richardson will presentSales Coaching”

“Everyone in business says that ‘It’s all about the numbers.” And research shows that quality coaching is the single most important activity that a sales manager can provide to drive the numbers. Sales coaching increases sales productivity. It makes your reps more independent and accountable. It gives you back hours in your day by teaching you how to question in a way that helps reps learn how to solve problems, develop strategies, leverage resources as needed but close their own deals.

Although more and more organizations recognize that sales productivity lives and dies with their front line sales managers and are providing sales coaching training, productivity numbers show that much of the coaching is not working. Why? Because effective sales coaching is not an event or even informal sessions but rather a part of a continuous learning process, mind-set and skill set embedded in the sales culture.”

Both sessions take place at 1:00 pm Eastern (6:00 pm BST) and registration is FREE

Next ….


The Changing Sales Force: How the Latest Trends Could Affect Your Revenue

Tuesday, May 21, 2013, 11:30 AM – 2PM – Westin Copley Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA

Thousands of CEO’s and senior leaders have attended these keynotes and this is one of only two scheduled New England appearances in 2013.  This provocative presentation will help your company get on the path to greater and faster sales and profits despite the uncertain economy. Please click here for more information and to register.

Then ……


Best Sales Blogger 2013

It is time to nominate your favourite blog: Call for submissions. Closing date June 1st, so hurry! Details here


After that, we have two significant conferences coming up …


Sales 2.0 Conference – London

Just over two weeks until the Sales 2.0 Conference rolls into town, and I do hope that if you are UK based, you will make the effort to attend. There are some excellent speakers lined up – plus me. If you use this code – s2c13londontsw - you can obtain an additional £50 discount, so that is a total saving of £150! Register HERE

May I also remind you that I am “headlining” – their words, not mine – the SMP2013 Conferenceon June 6th, and that is free to register HERE

Finally ….


Women in Sales Awards

When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion sales is one area where companies are looking; probably because sales have traditionally been a male-dominated profession. It can be a scary thing to do for anyone and can seem especially daunting for women. Women in Sales Awards is designed to find the most exemplary women in sales across the UK and Europe. Full details here

PS: And in between that lot, don’t forget we will be publishing the June edition of Top Sales World magazine, with a supeb interview with Jeffrey Gitomer and the announcement of the 2014 Top Sales & Marketing Influencers list



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