Another Challenge to Challenger?



RAIN Group have just released an excellent new research report: What Sales Winners Do Differently. 

They studied over 700 B2B sales to determine why the buyer chose one seller over another. The findings challenge some long-held selling orthodoxies and, as well, stand largely in contrast to The Challenger Sale.  

Here are some of their key findings:

  •  The sellers who win sell radically differently than the sellers that came in second place.
  •  Contrary to popular opinion, both solution sales and relationships in selling are not dead. They’re not the whole story (and never were), but sellers who ignore these concepts put their success at great risk.
  • Their research came to starkly different conclusions than the greatest trends in selling, including the Challenger Sale, popularized in places like Harvard Business Review.
  • Sellers who win do 3 specific things very well, and these sellers don’t just win, but they maximize loyalty and referrals as well.
  • A few key areas that don’t get much attention in selling (e.g. reduction of risk, collaboration with buyers, idea education) now demand more attention.


You can download a copy of the report HERE






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