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This month’s bumper magazine is now published and it is bigger than ever. Here are some snippets ….

Moments of Truth – A conversation with Daniel Pink by Linda Richardson

Trust flows from one person to another. Can customers trust salespeople? Can salespeople trust customers? Can salespeople trust their sales manager? … And so on. Trust has never been harder to earn and never more critical to mobilizing customers to make a change.

Trust doesn’t stand alone but it can often overrule analytics.

Do You Know What Your Salespeople are Saying? By Barbara Giamanco

Today’s sales people have a variety of communication channels available to them to reach prospects. Email, phone, social networks, webinars and video presentations are just a few of them. As a result, how your sales people represent your company and themselves matters more than ever before.

The Three Core Principles of Sales Process Engineering by Todd Youngblood

There are countless ideas, principles, facts and nuances that alone and in combination contribute to a truly outstanding performance in sales or sales management. We read the books and articles, listen to the speeches and lectures and learn from our own experiences and mistakes.

JF Uncut: What Makes a Successful Sales Team? By Jonathan Farrington

I am often asked just what it is that makes a highly successful and effective sales team – what differentiates them from an average one?

3 Tips for Conversations That Win Sales and Build Relationships by Nancy Bleeke

Are conversations with buyers necessary anymore? Are conversations really necessary to win sales? After all, with all the investment in technology and social media strategy, buyers should be beating down our doors for our products and services, right?

Is it an Obstacle or an Opportunity? By Robert Terson

Things happen in life; we call them events. You can line up ten different people and ask for their take on a particular event, and you’re going to get ten different reactions, which proves that Shakespeare was right when he said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Top Sales Blog Post of April 2013: 3 Ways To Reach New Prospects Using Your LinkedIn Connections by Jill Konrath

Top Sales Article April 2013: Is Training Your Sales Team a Waste of Time and Money? Quite Possibly by Joanne Black

We also review Jeffrey Gitomer’s new book and highlight two conferences coming up in London.

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