2013 Top Sales World Contributors Team Unveiled



The 2013 contributors line-up has been finalized over at Top Sales World, and these are the sales experts who will be working with TSW this year: They will be writing articles, providing tips, taking part in roundtables and interviews etc.

This really is a group which represents the “who’s who” in the sales space right now, and I am delighted to be working and collaborating with them.

In alphabetical order they are ….

Dr. Tony Alessandra, Greg Alexander, Miles Austin, Trish Bertuzzi, Joanne Black, Nancy Bleeke, Ian Brodie, Jim Cathcart, John Doerr, Kevin Eikenberry, Craig Elias, Colleen Francis, Jeffrey Gitomer, Michael Griego, Gerhard Gschwandtner, Babette Ten Haken, Diane Helbig, Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Mark Hunter, Anthony Iannarino, Geoffrey James, Jim Keenan, Jill Konrath, Dave Kurlan, Kendra Lee, Jonathan London, Christian Maurer, Paul McCord, Dan McDade, Nancy Nardin, Michael Nick, Linda Richardson, Lori Richardson, Kelley Robertson, Keith Rosen, Steven Rosen, Tibor Shanto, Tamara Schenk, Todd Schnick, Mike Schultz, Art Sobczak, Colleen Stanley, Robert Terson, Ken Thoreson, Dan Waldschmidt, Mike Weinberg, Wendy Weiss, Todd Youngblood and me.

This is the group that will be …

  • Writing articles for the Top Sales magazine
  • Providing articles and tips on Top Sales World site
  • Doing the interviews for Top Sales Hardtalk and Sales Management Issues series
  • Featuring within the Top 10 Sales Blog Posts and  Top 10 Sales Articles section each week
  • Delivering Top Sales Masterclasses.
  • Participating in Top Sales Roundtable discussions
  • Providing the Faculty for the forthcoming Top Sales Academy
  • Making up the “guiding commitee” for the Annual Top Sales Survey

And no doubt many of this year’s Top Sales & Marketing Influencers and Top 50 Blogs will come from this group.

This is a group of sales experts who genuinely “get it” We are just 50 in number and will remain so. There is now a small waiting-list, but I anticipate that they will all have to wait some time!

I do feel the group now represents the very best of the best in the sales space and together we can make a meaningful contribution – and the significant word in that statement is “together” Between us, we have a combined mailing list of around 1.5 million. We have collectively approximately 350.000 Twitter followers (that is a very conservative guess) Plus, I cannot begin to imagine the total number of LinkedIn contacts we have.

I am also delighted that we will be working with our long-standing sponsors again in 2013:

FRONT ROW Solutions, iMeet, INSIGHTSQUARED, membrain, Objective Management Group, OneSource, PointClear, Richardson, Salespod, and 22Touch (Only two spare slots available now)

Plus our Media Partners: SellingPower, Sales Gravy, Rain Today, Salesopedia and Changing Minds

It is going to be a very exciting year over at Top Sales World – do pop over as over as you can!



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    Deep appreciation for the work you do for the one of the world’s oldest professions – sales!

    I’m honored to be included with thought leaders and all-around good people who dispel the cliched view of salespeople and offer valuable information and tools to the world.

    Keep up the good work!


  2. says

    Jonathan, well done and great list, but must question your judgement for including a crazy shit like me. 😝😝

    Honored brother, keep up the killer work! The world of sales is only better because of it.


  3. says

    Thanks Jim,

    The team wouldn’t work if it was totally populated by serious, boring intellectuals like myself – every group needs some “crazy shits” and we are fortunate to have you!

  4. says

    Thanks so much, Jonathan!

    What an excellent job to build and to grow and to innovate our global sales tribe. I feel very honored to be part of this brilliant global community!

    Let’s continue to create and to co-create value and to drive transformation towards the connection economy!


  5. says

    Jonathan, What an honor to serve the business community with this amazing group of collaborators. You know what they say about synergy. Put us all together, and the sum of the total of all of us should start (and already is) shaking things up positively and productively!

  6. says


    This community that you have created is like a fine bottle of wine, it keeps getting better every year. You should be very proud of what you have created and continue to foster. I am delighted to be part of this incredible team and community.



  7. says


    I’m honored to be included and associated with such a great group of sales thought leaders once again. It is truly an honor to bring up the rear of such a distinguished assembly.


  8. Rose Marie DeSousa says

    Bonjour Jonathan,

    I am thrilled to see a few favorites on the list. Inspiring ,thankful and grateful to have access to such valuable knowledge !

    I am thankful to be part of your inclusive community and encourage you to continue stimulating responsive conversation.

  9. says

    Dr. Farrington

    What a grand experience it has been the past few years and I am looking foward to a wild ride the next few!

    I am proud to be in this esteem group.

    Ken Thoreson

  10. says

    Jonathan, great team. You’ve included some good writers and great people here, many of whom I’m sincerely grateful to call friends.

    Equally as fun for me, there are a few names I don’t know, who I can now check out. Thanks for that.

    I realize you had to cut off at some point, and that not everyone could or would participate… but for me personally, I would love to have seen Dave Stein and Dave Brock on the list. But that doesn’t diminish the group in any way… merely an observation and personal opinion.

    Since you publish so much content from so many, Jonathan, I hope that you and the team will consider something in the remainder of 2013 and beyond. Today, sales bloggers are publishing so much content that is out of context, without reference to how it fits best in the complex and expansive world that we oversimplify as “selling” or “sales.” I call these “sales nuances” and am referring to B2B vs. B2C, complex vs. simple, high-ticket vs. low-cost, long-cycle vs. short, inside vs. field vs. channel, etc.

    That may not matter much if the reading audience is as always as sophisticated as the writer. But in many cases, in my experience, people work their way into sales enablement/sales effectiveness/sales optimization/sales force transformation roles, (or get promoted from top rep to sales manager and get no training or little of it) and don’t always have large-scale change management or sales force transformation experience. These people look to folks like those on your team, for guidance.

    Some practitioners, like a few who I met recently at Forrester’s Sales Enablement Forum, are way ahead of the pack and doing very sophisticated work to improve sales and marketing alignment and effectiveness. Others who I run across in daily networking, are barely making an impact. A few just seem to be running in circles. I see a lot of this on the training side of the house as well. Many L&D pros don’t get Sales and are still mortified at working with those leaders who expect to see results from training and real bottom-line impact.

    In that vein, it would be great to see more posts dig into some real specifics, case studies, research, tools and forms, and things that practitioners and organizational leaders could really grab onto and use in their daily efforts to improve organization performance. I hold up SBI as a model for this sort of blogging and they do a great job of it on a daily basis (and I couldn’t be more pleased than to see Greg on your team here).

    I look forward to seeing what this team can accomplish at TSW and do for our industry. My best wishes for great success and publishing content that helps people make a difference.


    Opinions are my own. Connect with me at…

  11. says

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for such an “expansive” comment. Please allow me to deal with your points one by one…

    I think you will enjoy getting to know the names that you are unfamiliar with, because I am confident that the entire team oozes talent, and it is by design eclectic – deliberately. Of course there will be other individuals that you would like to see included, and in a similar vein, I must confess that when I watched “Lincoln” recently I wasn’t wholly convinced that Spielberg had the casting right. However, I hesitated in writing to him because I knew his reply would go along the lines of “You put the money up JF, and you can cast the film”

    Dave Stein is a very good friend and supporter of Top Sales World. He appears regularly within most of our initiatives, but the very nature of his role at ESR dictates that he is seen as the bastion of impartiality – and you must know that. I hope you will understand that I do not want to publicly discuss any other individual inclusions or exclusions – that is my prerogative. What I will say is that the team we have assembled is made up of individuals who I greatly respect, trust, and want to continue working with. More than anything, they offer variety, and they cover all the bases for me.

    Wasn’t it Michael Jordan who said “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” And you can be assured that we are not looking to win individual games, we are totally focused on the Championship.

    The sales space is a very “broad church” or if you prefer, a wide canvass, and TSW is a combination of broadsheet and tabloid. That is because I am committed to being wholly inclusive. I do not – under any circumstances – want us to become a group of preachers looking down on a sales congregation, feeding them information that they neither need or want. We absolutely must retain the broadest appeal if we really are going to keep raising that global sales bar.

    Equally, please do not assume that some of us are not having regular conversations – which you might well consider to be sophisticated – regarding the future of the sales environment. I think if you were party to just a fraction of that dialogue, you might think that we too were “way ahead of the pack and doing very sophisticated work to improve sales and marketing alignment and effectiveness”

    You should also anticipate that we have excellent relationships with Forrester, Chally and co – in fact you must have seen Linda Richardson’s interview with Scott Santucci in this month’s Top Sales magazine?

    I am sending you the latest TSW team update under separate cover, which will give you a much better idea of what our objectives are in 2013.

    Certainly we will (and I am speaking for the entire team) all try very hard to deliver against your ambitions for us i.e. “I look forward to seeing what this team can accomplish at TSW and do for our industry


  12. says

    Hi Jonathan and thanks in return for your equally expansive reply. I look forward to receiving the TSW team update, thank you.

    In reading your reply, I couldn’t help but wonder whether something I said, or perhaps more accurately, didn’t say well or clearly enough, may have ruffled you. Just in case, my comments, including the context challenge, were meant positively with kind intent.

    BTW, I am a TSW subscriber, a “Linda fan” (well before joining Richardson), and have huge respect for Scott Santucci. Shamefully, however, I had NOT yet read the March edition (ugh), but just peeked at the article. The insights from Forrester research, the “muddled path” Scott mentions, and the Organizational Drag and Comfort Zone Drag, are spot on.

    Many thanks again, Jonathan. Stay the course!


  13. says

    Hi Mike,

    No, not ruffled at all, and really appreciate your comments and input. I am always up for a frank exchange when it comes to the state of the sales space, which as you have summized, I care passionately about, and that is why TSW exists.

    I will certainly pass on your best wishes to Linda!



  14. says


    I want to take a moment to say thank you for including me with this amazing group of sales Stalwarts; so I will–thank you! To think, an old B2C sales warhorse retires, writes a book, starts blogging, figures it’s his time to give back for a life full of blessings, and three years later he’s welcomed among many of the top sales experts in the world. Kind of makes my head spin. I’m sure everyone in this esteemed group is grateful that he or she was asked to participate, but no-one more than me.


  15. says

    I am honored to continue to be a member of this esteemed group. And I am grateful to Jonathan for his persistence in elevating the art of sales as well as the platform for sharing information with business leaders around the world.

    I look forward to providing insight, tips, and practices to help sales professionals and small business owners succeed.

  16. says

    Jonathan, looking forward to another great year hanging out with the “big brains” you assemble!

    Not to get all “womens liberation” on you Jonathan but you are one of the only, if not the only, sales leaders who assembles teams that are as inclusive of women as men. It is so great to be part of a group that counts my female mentors and colleagues among their number. Truly, thank you for that!

  17. says

    Hi Trish,

    Yes it is interesting that during my commercial life which now spans more than 40 years, I have always ensured – insisted on – that around 50% of my sales teams, management teams and even director’s boards are women. I can also confirm that those gals were/are always amongst the top performers, which has never surprised me one little bit.

    Glad you are on board for the next stage of this exciting journey.

  18. says

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to chime in here and applaud you for the great team you’ve assembled Jonathan. As several already have mentioned I love the diversity of this group and the insightful discussions this combination of different personalities and perspectives sparks for all of us to benefit from.

    Us here at Membrain are thrilled to be sponsors of TopSales and supporting this great community in whatever way we can. Looking forward to an exciting 2013!

  19. says

    Amazing group of sales thought leaders, congrats to all! Looking forward to reading your insights.

    Huge congrats to John Doerr & Mike Schultz from Rain Group.

  20. says

    Well, this is an amazing group of people to be a part of. And thank you, Jonathan for making this happen. You are our fearless leader in many ways. I am positive that you are super-human and require very little sleep. Thank you for being a friend, mentor, and inspiration. But most of all, thank you for welcoming me into your ‘tribe’ with open arms 6 years ago or so when Smart Selling Tools was in its infancy.

  21. says

    Thanks Nancy, but I have to tell you that it is you who are truly inspirational. What you have achieved with Smart Selling Tools in such a short space of time is remarkable. And you have done it quietly, without fanfare or fuss; with no sign of arrogance or pretence and with a give first attitude.

    Keep doing what you are doing and you will keep getting what you are getting!


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