Guest Post: Does 4G broadband offer a brighter business future?



The last few years have seen some incredible developments in the way we surf the web. Mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, netbooks and laptops are developing at an incredible rate and thanks to the onset of 4G broadband we now have faster, more reliable communication to hand in major towns and cities. But how exactly does this technology impact what we as entrepreneurs can achieve?

An office solution for new start-ups

The country may still be in the grip of financial uncertainty, but as we emerge from the last flicker of recession there are more opportunities than ever before for new business ideas. One of the reasons for this is that it’s now much more affordable to set yourself up as an entrepreneur. With just a few pieces of kit– a smartphone a laptop and maybe a 4G dongle so you can always connect – you effectively have an office you can take anywhere with you.

The ability to take advantage of rapid response

Once you’ve established your business niche and are busy finding customers, it’s essential that you don’t miss any early opportunities. No new business can afford to be sloppy about scoring those first few accounts, so with a reliable 4G connection you should be able to respond to enquiries quickly and avoid losing valuable business to your competitors. Not every new start-up can afford support staff to take calls and deal with questions, but staying well connected may mean you don’t need such a thing.

Share and store things quickly and easily

Being able to save, store and send documents and files in the cloud is an incredible boost for entrepreneurs. Not only does it mean you don’t have to worry about where to keep all your data securely, it also means you can access everything you need from anywhere you are able to access a 4G signal. There are small capacity storage solutions available free with options like Dropbox, Google Drive and Sky Drive, or there are more comprehensive cloud services for those who need it.

The next generation of 4G mobile devices and broadband services are here – and it’s great news for those looking to get their big ideas off the ground.



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