Guest Post: You Must Absolutely Check This Out!



It’s late 2AM on Wednesday and I get this email which has all the makings of spam:

•Weird domain name that’s close enough to something that looks like a popular site like “Esquire” or “Acquire”.

•Within the context of the email is another spammy looking string of characters that makes out the domain:

If you glossed over it, the domain was “Would Be an Honor to Have Jonathan Farrington Check us out Dot com”.  A customized  personal and funny as hell site made out to me.  Ok I’m impressed so far.

Then I do a little background on this person emailing me and it’s Paul DeJoe.  You might not recognize him but you might recognize he was the author of the most viral post in 2012.  “What’s it like to be the CEO of a startup company.”

Now he’s asking me to check out his company, Ecquire.

The Verdict:  It’s awesome.

Not much I need to say, I’ll just use screen shots to show you.  The elevator pitch on Ecquire:  Ecquire captures info automatically from wherever your workflow takes you and ships it to your CRM with one click or even automatically.  It does so accurately, quickly and with the greatest privacy policy I’ve ever seen.  It”s literally called the greatest privacy policy ever.

So here’s all the places you’ll see Ecquire once you install it on Chrome:



And here’s what it looks like if you are using Salesforce as your CRM while working in LinkedIn.

*You can push data to multiple places at once like Google Docs, Mailchimp and Highrise.


And here’s the best part of it:  They have this thing called “Autosubmit”.  If you click this option after you email or talk to someone, Ecquire automatically just sends data to your CRM the next time you talk to that person.  They even make sure the data is in the right fields and do not create duplicate or dirty data.

Great work, Paul and Ecquire team.  For $19/month I’ll take it.




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