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When we feel motivated we are able to tap into the fuel that drives our performance.

Motivation gives us additional reasons to solve problems, overcome difficulties and persevere when the going gets tough.

Motivation can transform an ordinary performance into an extraordinary performance, because ultimately if an individual wants to achieve a particular goal badly enough they will be prepared to do whatever it takes to get it.

In a sales environment where sales people are often on the receiving end of countless rejections and tend to work mainly alone, the individual’s level of motivation will be demonstrated by the results they achieve, not necessarily instantly, yet at some point in the future.

An important characteristic required for sales people is that they possess a positive mental attitude to support them through times of stress and difficulties. Yet their attitude is often a reflection of their inner drive; they know what they need to achieve and why achieving it benefits them.

Therefore, a Sales Leader who has the ability to ‘ramp up’ their sales peoples’ drive will generally be the Sales Leader who gets better results.

The art of motivation is to put it simply, understanding what is important to each individual. Every individual is motivated by different things yet can be generalised into their needs and wants. If their needs aren’t satisfied then the individual will become de-motivated. If their needs are satisfied then what they want becomes the driving force.

There are in fact, eight basic motivators or” hot-buttons” i.e. what motivates and demotivates people in the workplace, and at the foot of this post, you have the opportunity to discover what your “hot buttons” are via a highly accurate interactive assessment.

The eight are:

  • Relationship with manager
  • Recognition & praise
  • Financial motives
  • Co-operation with others
  • Promotion
  • Achievement
  • Responsibility
  • Job content

Most non-sales people believe that high performing sales achievers are motivated solely by money. This is of course complete nonsense.

Top 5% achievers are totally focused on ”Achievement” because they understand that providing they achieve all of their targets and commercial objectives, they can expect to be appropriately rewarded.

So finally, what motivates you? Want to find out? Take this quick online assessment, and get an instant score.


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