Guest Post: Tackling the Impossible Sales Challenge


I had intended to follow on from Monday and Tuesday’s posts today, but I am unexpectedly with clients, so I have asked two good chums to cover for me today and tomorrow. I will be back on Friday.

Today an excellent post from Jill Konrath ….

How do you get a targeted account if all your previous attempts have failed? If you want to catch a big fish, perhaps the sports fisherman of New Zealand can give you some ideas. After all, they face a very difficult, if not insurmountable, challenge that would stop most fisherman entirely.

The coastline off the 90 mile beach is teaming with red snappers and other delectable salt water species. It’s a gorgeous pristine area with huge sand dunes, no hotels and no piers.

To complicate matters even more, the sandy beach often goes out for hundreds of yards, making it difficult to fish from shore. And, the waves are so powerful that if you wade out too far, you risk being swept away. Of course, you could rent or buy a big ocean-ready boat, but that costs a lot of money.

Clearly fresh fishing strategies were needed to address this impossible challenge.

The solution? Kite fishing. All the “Average Joes” need are a kite, a special airborne rig, the right bait and a beachside seat. When the kite starts bobbing, they jump up and fight like crazy to haul their catch into shore.

I’ll tell you, seeing those kite fisherman is truly a site to behold.

As sellers, if we’re going to be successful landing the big ones, we need to expand our thinking about what’s possible.

Instead of giving up, we need to consider all the variables we can impact. For example, we could:

  • Use some new bait. If your message isn’t enticing to the big fish, they’ll swim right by it.
  • Change where we’re fishing. Perhaps you need to target different decision makers. Or, maybe you need to go to events that they attend.
  • Cast a wider net(work). Maybe someone you know can make a connection. Go to LinkedIn. Check out your 2nd level connections.

The point is, if your current prospecting methods haven’t yielded results yet, then you need to try something new. Experiment. Change things up. Get creative. That’s what it takes today to land the big ones!


Jill Konrath is an internationally-recognized sales expert, in-demand speaker and bestselling author.

SNAP Selling soared to #1 on Amazon within hours of its release and has won numerous awards for its timely focus — strategies that actually work with today’s crazy-busy prospects.

Selling to Big Companies was selected as a “must read” by Fortune “must read” and has been an Amazon Top 20 sales book since 2006.

People who use Jill Konrath’s fresh sales strategies report results like this:

  • I landed 14 new clients in 6 weeks with projects ranging from $50,000 to $1,000,000+.
  • I won a verbal commitment for $5M in business in just 90 days with potential for $10M more next year.
  • I got my foot in the door rather than banging my head against it. That’s worth at least $90,000 to me this year.

For more savvy sales advice and to download Jill’s free sales tools, visit


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