Top Sales World 2013 – it just gets better and better


Whichever way we choose to benchmark our achievements in 2012, we are extremely proud – but never content!

During the past twelve months we …

-          Re-launched the site, and consolidated all of our Top Sales initiatives under one roof.

-          Discovered who really were the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers

-          Also announced the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs

-          Continually improved our monthly magazine, which now boasts a readership of 130k

-          Delivered the third annual Top Sales & Marketing Awards

How do we top that in 2013?

Here is our timetable ….

January: Top 10 Sales Articles becomes a weekly contest with the four winners vying for Top Sales Article of the Month. The twelve monthly winners will go forward to the Top Sales Article of the Year final in December.

February: We launch Top Sales Radio – a short daily pre-recorded, down-loadable show, featuring all the latest news, tips, upcoming events from around the sales space, plus special guests.

March: It is time to update the Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers list for 2013 – who will force their way in … and who will slip out?

April/May: We reveal, launch and deliver the eagerly awaited Top Sales Academy – we are currently selecting and appointing the faculty, so more details in January, which you will not want to miss!

June/July: The 2013 Top Sales Survey will, we hope, be the most comprehensive; most exhaustive; most revealing survey ever conducted within the global sales space. Our aim is to involve 20k front-line sales professionals and their managers – again, full details soon.

August: We revisit the Top 50 Sales Blogs, in order to ensure our list is relevant, accurate and up to date.

October/November: We provide a second opportunity to attend the online Top Sales Academy.

December: We present the annual Top Sales & Marketing Awards. This year’s online ceremony takes place on Tuesday December 17th, and we will be announcing the 2013 categories in March.

In the meantime, please do remember that TSW is updated every day, and we offer …

Daily tips, features and articles

Weekly interviews, coaching sessions, “How to” guides, white-papers, and personal development sessions.

Monthly magazine.

In 2013, our list of contributors will represent only the best of the best sales experts and commentators – the most significant group of sales gurus ever to congregate in one location.

Every person who sells something (that would be just about everyone) knows that their sales success depends upon their staying current and on top of their game.

Every salesperson, no matter the amount of their experience, needs support, excellent resources, practical tips and information, and a professional, seasoned expert they can turn to.

Top Sales World is THE most comprehensive online, worldwide sales community on the Internet. Period!

 If you are not already part of our World, do come and join us.

Finally, a really big thank you to our wonderful sponsors and partners, whose  continuing trust, faith and generosity makes it all possible.



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