2012 into 2013 – Bring it on!

I began 2012  - as I do any and every year - with optimism and a “cunning plan” I tend to believe that 80% of any success we enjoy is down to the planning stage, and there is no greater satisfaction than to witness a well thought out strategy being fully realized.

I knew – and accepted – that in order to achieve all of my 2012 objectives, I would need to plan my time very carefully, and divide it equally between the “JF Project” and Top Sales Associates, but broadly speaking, it worked out OK.

Having worked through a fairly long “non-compete” period, following the sale of my original consultancy in 2007, I was anxious to get cracking again. I have often described the Top Sales initiatives as being a love, but consultancy is my passion. That is why it meant so much to me to finally launch Jonathan Farrington & Associates this year.

I am particularly grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a fine group of associates, who were all on my list of “first choices” as they each bring something very unique to the party – and I am delighted to confirm that we have just appointed an additional associate – Michael Nick – who joins the Board from January 2nd.

Our second major challenge was consolidating all of our Top Sales sites and bringing them under one larger roof – this we did, and on schedule, in November. They all seem to like their new more spacious home and are ready to accommodate a few more brand new “siblings” in 2013 – you can read all about those exciting plans tomorrow! It seems quite extraordinary that it is almost six years since we first launched the Top Sales concept, and it is testimony to the dedication, commitment and belief of all concerned, that it has evolved to become what it is today, whilst so many other sites have come and gone, on a very frequent basis.

In “Top Sales” terms, we ended the year on a high, with the third “Top Sales & Marketing Awards” which everyone seemed to agree was the biggest and best yet. Gerhard and I presented the ceremony live on December 18th, and it was immense fun – we must do it again! Congratulations to not only the medal winners, but also all the finalists for joining in with the spirit of the contest. I am satisfied that we identified the creme de la creme in every category.

Incidentally, visitor numbers to Top Sales World more than doubled in 2012, which is very satisfying – and rewarding. We are also hugely proud that we have increased the circulation of the Top Sales monthly magazine above 120k, which is a tremendous achievement

I can also report that visitors here to the Blogit increased – by 37.6% – and we have in fact witnessed that level of increase for the past six years, so I remain committed to write almost daily for another 12 months - 1600 posts and still going strong!

So these were the significant highlights, plus the recognition and awards – the best of which was “Best International Blogger for 2012″ because the competition was the best (toughest) it could possibly be.

A number of new friendships forged this year – and I don’t mean the ones who you exchange a couple of Tweet messages with and suddenly they are your bestest friend ever. I must confess to becoming irritated when I read certain people’s blog posts and they continually refer to “my great friend” or “my good friend” etc. They aren’t friends, you hardly know them – they are more like “one night stands” I actually wonder if there is a competition going on that I don’t know about – the winner is the person who can have the most shallow and meaningless relationships in any twelve month period. Somebody told me recently that 99% of the world’s sycophants live in North America – I remarked that I was surprised as I thought the % would have been much higher – just kidding :-)

So onto - or into - 2013. I cannot wait to get cracking. So much to look forward to. As I mentioned earlier, I will share all the Top Sales news tomorrow – it really is exciting stuff. On the “JF Front” I’ll roll out my ideas on Jan 1st.

More soon ….



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