Making Time for Thinking Time


I have always maintained that my most favorite time of the day is what I call “my thinking time” It usually comes at the end of each day, and it is not confined by time constraints. It can be an hour, or sometimes two – occasionally it is more.

It is not only a time of reflection – looking back over the day and confirming to myself that I achieved all of my key objectives – but also a passage of time that prompts me to look ahead; to plan; to strategize. People who know me well, will tell you that I produce an endless stream of new ideas. Some make it off the drawing board; some get parked up in the “pending” part of my brain, and others are simply discarded as not being viable at that time. But the point is that I think – I think a lot because I embrace change, and I actually enjoy it.

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

For” foolish consistency” read “dull routine”.

Routine – doing things by habit, subconsciously, without thinking – is the enemy of success.

The human mind is a computer. You program your computer by the input you feed into it: learning, knowledge, experience and so on. If you program your mind with images of failure, you will fail. If you build a bank of success images, your computer will direct you to success.

How do you build and input images of success into your computer? By creativity…by thinking.

The fruit of thinking is knowledge; and knowledge is the medium from which skills are built.

In skills learning, there are four steps …..

First we have the “Unconscious Incompetent” They don’t know that they don’t know. The salesperson that is making mistakes, but is not aware of them.

Then comes the “Conscious Incompetent” They know that they don’t know. This is the beginning of wisdom. The salesperson that is aware they are not cashing in on their full potential and wants to learn how to improve.

Next the “Conscious Competent” They have learned and are aware of what they have learned – and they use it! They know why! For example, the salesperson who knows how to make a successful approach call and can program and execute their presentation to achieve their objectives.

Finally, the “Unconscious Competent” They have learned so well that they use their knowledge with a semi-automatic skill. Their skills have reached a level where they are no longer self-centered. They are free to devote their efforts to the needs of others. The professional salesperson who does the right things to get results, but functions without conscious attention to what they are dong or why.

Note that I say semi-automatic. Even the “Unconscious Competent” should have the ability and the sharpness to call forth self-awareness.

Purposeful self-awareness, plus a knowing application of skill, generates maximum personal horsepower.

The handmaiden of creativity is imagination. Imagination is the well that brings forth the new ideas that are essential to our growing success.

Je pense, donc je suis!


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    A whole lot of ‘stuff’ can be done, and all can be for naught, if we do not have the time to think through our plan.

    It’s the only way to evaluate what the ‘stuff’ is that we should be doing.


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