How Motivated Are You Right Now – Honestly?


Motivation is a dynamic state that results in the desire, directional intensity and persistence of behaviour to achieve a long or short- term goal. Without motivation our sales performance, and consequently our results can be severely impaired. When we are feeling motivated, we light up our performance like a Christmas tree and equally, when we feel de-motivated, everything seems to be much harder work.

As sales people, if we continually look to find motivation from outside of ourselves, then we are placing ourselves in a risky situation because it may not always be possible to have a drip-feed of motivation feeding us when we need it most. That’s why, the more we can understand about what motivates us personally, the more it helps us to tap into our internal motivational power.

The reality is that everyone needs some form of motivation to get them to do anything. This really means “sufficient reason” for doing it. It can take very little to motivate someone to do something pleasurable but it can take quite extreme circumstances, to get that same person to do something objectionable.

The key point is that what constitutes sufficient motivation can only be judged by the person being motivated. Circumstances that would motivate one person will leave another unmoved. The task of a manager lies firstly in assessing what will motivate an individual and secondly, in applying that motivation.

There are in fact, eight basic motivators or” hot-buttons” i.e. what motivates and demotivates people in the workplace, and at the foot of this post, you have the opportunity to discover what your “hot buttons” are via a highly accurate interactive assessment.

The eight are:

Relationship with manager
Recognition & praise
Financial motives
Co-operation with others
Job content

Most non-sales people believe that high performing sales achievers are motivated solely by money. This is of course, a complete nonsense.

Top 5% achievers are totally focused on “achievement” because they understand that providing they achieve all of their targets and commercial objectives, they can expect to be appropriately rewarded. I would also add that high achieving sales professionals are also extremely competitive – it is in their nature to want to win.


News: The votes are beginning to come in over at Top Sales & Marketing Awards and a few people have questioned why we are only allowing public voting in just two categories: It is simply because these are probably the two most “subjective” contests, and we think it is good for anyone who is remotely interested to have at some participation.I personally feel we have the balance right, but perfection is a journey not a destination, if I can use that well worn cliche.

I am recharging the batteries back in Paris before focusing on the Awards – if you haven’t claimed your seat yet for the live online ceremony, you can do so here – I can promise you a highly entertaining event!

There will be guest post up at the w/e, so do pop in if you have time, but in any event, have a good one! – JF



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