New Top Sales World About to Launch ….


It seems inconceivable that the Top Sales projects launched almost seven years ago – that makes us older than Twitter! But in fact it is true: It was in 2005 when I first reached out to a very small group of established sales experts to see if they would contemplate joining me to create a number of pioneering collaborative initiatives. They all contemplated, and they all joined me.

Most of that initial team are still with me today: Linda Richardson, Jill Konrath, Dave Kurlan, Dr. Tony Alessandra, Keith Rosen, Joanne Black, Wendy Weiss, Paul McCord, Kevin Eikenberry and Colleen Francis: However, our numbers have been considerably swollen by almost 150 regular contributors, all expert commentators, authors, bloggers, consultants, mentors and thought-leaders in their specific field. In fact, I think we can confidently say that everybody who is anybody in the sales space now has links with at least one of our projects.

In 2007, the Top Sales Experts group was formed, and although we no longer formally refer to ourselves using this title, the spirit of collaboration and camaraderie amongst the team is still very much alive and well. The bond which unites us is quite simply to continually seek ways to advance this wonderful profession of ours and to keep raising the bar in terms of selling excellence.

So, now we are ready to take this all to the next stage, and launch the brand new Top Sales World venue: We have consolidated all of our locations under one large roof – Top Sales Management, Top Sales Awards, Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers, Top 50 Sales & Marketing Blogs, Top Sales Articles, plus of course the Top Sales monthly magazine.

This new site is updated every day, to provide our visitors – who arrive from all around the world – with fresh articles, inspiring tips, motivational interviews, in fact everything the modern sales professional needs to keep them ahead of the game and operating at optimum performance levels.

In January, as a special bonus, we will be presenting a series of short and highly stimulating interviews with twenty of the world’s leading sales gurus – “Tips for Kick-starting Your 2013” – look out for further details before the end of December.

In February, we launch “Top Sales Radio” a fifteen minute daily downloadable recorded show, presenting the very latest news, interviews and events from around the sales space.

Then in April, we launch the “Top Sales Academy” – a four level, ten module, online sales program: This will be the most advanced and affordable sales development initiative available – delivered by world-class experts. Do look out for the prospectus in January.

In the meantime, we very much hope you will enjoy the brand new Top Sales World – which launches at 1:00pm Eastern (6:00pm GMT) do visit often!

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