Become the CEO of Your Own Universe ….


It is rapidly approaching that time of year when all professional and dedicated sales professionals should be focusing on what they want to achieve in 2013. “But what about closing this year down first Mr. Farrington/Jono/Bald Bloke from Paris” I hear you chunter, somewhat resentfully

Yes, it is extremely important that you focus on bringing in the bacon during the next four weeks, but there is nothing preventing you from beginning the planning process for next year at the same time, is there? Don’t you want to hit the floor running, when you return in January? Or are you going to spend most of that first month using up valuable selling time, in limbo?

The reality is that you are the CEO of your own Universe: Today, you must accept total responsibility for your own success – or failure. Don’t whatever you do wait around hoping that other people will make you successful, because they are too focused on their own achievements.

For example, when was the last time you put your hand up and said “I screwed up” or “Why on earth did I take that decision?” Not just privately, but publicly?

You see, every action we take creates a reaction that is based on the formula of cause and effect.

Everything that happens is the effect of an underlying cause.

Most people spend their lives operating at effect….

“It’s not my fault I always end up in bad relationships.”

“Life’s so unfair, things always happen to me.”

“We’re in a recession, that’s why I haven’t achieved target.”

“If I could only match our competitor’s prices, I’d win more deals.”

True personal power can only be achieved when an individual accepts 100% responsibility for what they create in their lives.

To put it another way, you get one of two things; the result or outcome you want or the reasons why you did not (you may recognize these as ‘excuses’!)

The more we focus on the reasons (excuses) and blame circumstances beyond our control we push away our personal power.

Therefore, if we believe that we are in control of the situations that life ‘appears’ to throw at us, then we are in control of our thinking and emotions, and therefore in control of our own life.

This belief has given thousands of salespeople the determination to breakthrough so many barriers and overcome countless challenges when at times it was tempting to wallow in self-pity.

If something good or bad happens, we must ask ourselves, “How did I create that?” This question enables us to tap into our brain’s infinite potential and it will give us all the answers we need.

If we are prepared to commit 100% to taking responsibility, the results really can be extraordinary.

This has been my mantra for as long as I can remember and I sleep very well at night, because I accept 100% responsibility! Do you?

Do start getting ready for the New Year. You are totally in charge. The success or failure of You Inc. will be entirely down to you.


News: Still so much work to be done in preparation for next Tuesday, but we really are making incredible progress.

Wherever you are, have a great w/e. There will be a couple of excellent guest posts here for you, should you be in need of some stimulating distraction!  JF


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    Great post (as always)….

    When I was leading sales organizations we always discussed the need for accountability. If you are accountable (to yourself and your family and your employer) you will eventually begin to think things through with accountability as your guiding precept…..

    As sales positions (jobs) continue to decline, only those who are their own CEOs will survive.

    Keep your guidance coming….many are benefiting from it….


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