The Best Sales Blog in the World?


No, not this one!

Whilst it was very flattering to pick up the award yesterday, it is important to understand that with all contests like this, decisions are made subjectively by a group of people with an agreed criteria. It just so happens that on this particular day, in this particular competition, I ticked more boxes than anyone else. On any other day, in another region, I may not have even made the final five.

I think what is really significant here is that all of this recognizes the considerable devotion and dedication we bloggers have: Recognition is often our only reward and we all owe a huge debt to sites like Il Commercial for providing us with that - albeit brief - place in the spotlight.

From my perspective, it is particularly gratifying as I am usually the one – via Top Sales Awards – organizing things, which of course automatically excludes me from any and every category: As I shared with a couple of very good friends today, it is rather like arranging a party and then standing outside in the snow, peering through the window and watching everyone having fun. It is so nice to be inside and in the warm for a change!

But I’ll be back out in the cold in December, rooting for everyone else at this year’s awards.

In the meantime, I hope you will familiarize yourself with not only the finalists, but also the “long-list” as there are many there that I try to read as often as I possibly can. I would particularly highlight from the final five ….

The Sales Blog – Anthony Iannarino

Jill’s Blog – Jill Konrath

Selling Power Blog – Gerhard Gschwandtner

Plus …

Dan Waldschmidt, Dave Stein, Ian Brodie, Keith Rosen, Kelley Robertson, Mark Hunter, Kevin Eikenberry, Tibor Shanto, and Paul McCord. These are all excellent commentators whom I admire greatly. And do you know what? There are also many more that contribute so much to the sales space, like these people

Thanks so much to all of those who took the time to send me their best wishes today – if I haven’t replied yet and thanked you personally, be assured I will!

If you missed the results and you are scratching your head wondering what on earth I am talking about, full details here – the video is excellent.


News: No rest for the wicked! This weekend we are totally focused on the Top Sales Awards planning – I doubt if anyone has any idea of how much work goes into this annual event, but my reward is seeing so many superb contributors being recognized for the contribution they are making to the sales space.

There will be a guest post over the w/e, but wherever you are, have a good one! Bon w/e a tous – JF

PS: Almost forgot … Dan Waldschmidt has an event coming up that you need to know about::”7 Key Technologies You Need to Start Using Now” with @danwaldo and @bweaversmith



  1. Nishith says


    My congratulations as well. I have only recently started reading your blog but am hooked already. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.


  2. says

    Congratulations as the winner of the Best Blogger Award. This was no ordinary contest. The list was a true list of the Who’s Who of blogging. It’s not just about the words themselves as thought provoking and bold as they are. The award recognized the collaboration you are fostering in our industry. Gratefully, Linda

  3. larché says

    bravo Jonathan pour cette récompense et la reconnaissance du travail accompli depuis ces nombreuses années…..bonne chance pour les “retombées”,tu vois ce que je veux dire!



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