Chally on Challenger – “Defining sales role requirements is not as simple as comparing apples to oranges!”


Chally have just published an excellent new whitepaper, which opines about Challenger Selling: “It’s not wrong … it’s just not new, complete, or transformational.”

Here is an opening extract:

Salespeople with the “Right Stuff” Holds the Key to a Strong Competitive Position

It is no secret that growth in the current economy is challenging and a top priority in the executive suite!

The skill and capability of the customer facing sales team has never been more important. Salespeople with the “right stuff” are a company’s only true long-term competitive position. Yet, many companies were slow to make this realization because they were more focused on their product – believing it would last forever – or they would milk their premium product/ brand position and/or leverage refined supply management techniques to continue to drive lower customer cost.

However, these traditional competitive advantages continue to be neutralized by process improvement methodologies like Six Sigma and more importantly, the educated/informed customer.

Since the inception of the modern day sales force some 100+ years ago by John Patterson, the founder/leader of (NCR) National Cash Register, the sales profession has been presented with a constant stream of revelations introducing the latest in “trends and techniques” that are needed to compete and SELL successfully in the changing marketplace.

The best new ideas come outfitted with updated labels and catch phrases, suggesting a change in the key ingredients required for sales success in the new age of technology, demanding customers, and competition.

These trendy new approaches over the years have included, but certainly are not limited to Consultative Sales, Solution Selling, Strategic Sales, Sales Role Segmentation (Hunters -vs- Farmers, Inside -vs- Outside and/or Generalist -vs- Specialist). Labels for the new techniques include the likes of SPIN Selling, Customer Centered Selling, and Professional Selling Skills (PSS). Additionally the book shelves and are packed with thousands of books and white papers from the latest sales guru extolling the benefits of breakthrough sales strategies.

Businesses need sales growth and they will pay attention to any product, service, gimmick, or solution offered to transform mediocre sales performance into a high flying sales machine.

In recent years, efforts have concentrated on combining the best of the sales profession’s past with the new technology of data driven sales process, SFA and CRM to provide sales leaders an opportunity to earn a legitimate seat at the table with members of the “C-Suite.”

The need for solutions to the challenges of improving sales performance has never been more critical. As a result, the effort to understand the changing landscape and to define a new and universal approach to sales success continues.

…And so the question? What is so groundbreaking about this model?

I do urge you to download the entire white paper here – no registration required

PS: I would also like to leave you with just one recent thought: Before they wrote Challenger, the authors interviewed 6000 “of the world’s best sales professionals” I am curious to know who developed these best of breed individuals, because surely it is those training companies who should now be receiving all the plaudits?


News:Just about to check the final proofs for the Top Sales October mag – it really is a fantastic issue, which I think you will love – more tomorrow.


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