YOU Are the CEO of Your Own Universe!

It is that time of year when all professional and dedicated sales professionals should be focusing on what they want to achieve this quarter.

Yes, it is extremely important that you review your Q1 performance – preferably with your manager or coach – but don’t dwell on it for too long, because the clock is ticking, and your competitors are now geared up to take advantage of any lapse in your concentration.

Having said that, most people, and I would estimate 80%, because Pareto’s principle is always pretty accurate, will not have set objectives for Q1 – and will not do so again in Q2 – and in failing to plan will in effect, be planning to fail. (To use that very tired cliché)

The reality is that you are the CEO of your own Universe: Today, you must accept total responsibility for your own success – or failure. Don’t whatever you do wait around hoping that other people will make you successful, because they are too focused on their own achievements.

The days when companies like IBM, HP, and Rank-Xerox etc. invested large amounts of money training and developing their new recruits, often over two years, are long gone. Now they are lucky if they receive two weeks of “product familiarity”

It seems that there is also now far less time for “apprenticeship” as firms look for much faster returns on their considerable investment, preferring to hire experienced front-line professionals – although I believe that philosophy is heavily flawed.

So back to you, and Q2: Even if your results were disappointing in Q1 – and trust me, most peoples were, because it is traditionally everyone’s weakest quarter -  you must now re-focus on the next three months, and get into gear and go for it.

What happened in Q1 can only have two influences on Q2 – positive or negative.

I believe that all successful people have invisible plastic wings on their shoulders and this prevents them continually looking back: They only take good experiences forward with them, casting off disappointments, errors of judgment and unhappy times.

Negative people on the other hand, do look back over their shoulder often and carry all the bad experiences forward with them in a large sack on their back. They expect the future to be very much the same as the past and it usually is – this is of course, the “Phenomenon of Fulfilled Expectation”

The future really is better than the past if we choose to make it so; we have to attack the future fearlessly to achieve a better tomorrow.


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