What You Should Be Reading This Weekend-Be a Little Adventurous!


We have just published this month’s Top Sales Magazine – and what a bumper edition!

“So here we are, almost at the end of “Mad” March, and that means many of you will be scrambling to close down business before month/quarter end. Hopefully, we can provide you with a brief distraction, which will however be stimulating and educational – fun even!

This month, in her regular column, Linda Richardson interviews Forrester’s Brian Lambert – “If you want to know what your customers are thinking, Brian Lambert is a great person to ask.” The full interview is on Pages 6 & 7.

We have excellent articles from two members of the Top Sales Experts team: “The Five Behavioral Stages of the Sales Cycle & One Rep Error” from Dan McDade and “Four Common Destructive Sales Management Styles” written by Paul McCord.

As always we announce this month’s Top Sales Article, and then reveal the ten nominees for March.

We also allow you to re-cap the best contributions from the past four weeks over at Top Sales World and Top Sales Management, and we have to say that there have been some outstanding articles, guides and interviews during the past month.

Finally, in his regular “JF Uncut” column, Jonathan Farrington is asking for your help, as he attempts to identify the “Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers for 2012” He is starting with a long-list of 150 names, so he really does need your input.”

You can download your very own copy HERE


Oh, and have a great w/e, wherever you are, but be sure to get back on Monday, as I am looking at what exactly is considered “gross margin” in your company?

Finally …

It was an extremely hot summer in the UK. Records were being broken every single day and everyone was complaining. At that time, I was a young sales manager working for a well-known IT company. I’d developed a reputation for being somewhat rebellious and a bit of a crusader.

We were working in a brand new office block, which was all glass from floor to ceiling. And, hard as it is to believe today, it didn’t have any air-conditioning. I watched my team wilting, day in and day out. Productivity was declining at an alarming rate.

My prolonged pleas to my sales director achieved nothing, so I decided to bring it up with my Managing Director (MD). However, I was determined to have maximum impact, so I hatched an outrageous plan …”

Want to know how this story continues and ends? Then go here, for a really good Friday chuckle – and be sure to Tweet it please! – JF

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