“Strategic Selling” – Remember That?

In most industries today, a handful of ideal customers have become universal targets – fact.

Nearly every industrial salesperson dreams of calling on the CEO of those top companies, which logically means that there are maybe 500 customers for a million sellers?

With such intense competition, conventional approaches are not equal to the challenge. Salespeople need to develop strategies that distinguish their products, services and their organizations in the mind of the customer.

Making a sale has always involved an element of systematic planning, but strategic selling – a term which appears to have gone out of vogue – means more than rehearsing product information and timing the close. Strategic selling begins with understanding your company’s strategy, vision and distinctiveness and then selecting high profile customers.

The next step, logically, is anticipating each stage of the buying process – from analyzing the competition to identifying the influencers and decision-makers and being switched in to the buyer’s political issues.

In other words, there is a need for a comprehensive strategic profile and rigorous opportunity assessment process.

Most important of all, strategic selling means stratagizing from the customer’s point of view.

Top achievers see strategic selling as a routine part of their work – not a final resort.

Whatever comes next, strategically minded sales professionals will always be at the front of the queue, and will survive.

Selling at the “top end” should be likened to playing chess – not checkers!


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