Cold Callers Don’t Let This Stop You Cold

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Leslie Buterin

Sales people are an unusually intelligent group of professionals. High achievers by nature. You know what drives us nuts? Being on a hot trail of pursuit of a prospect only to be stopped cold by of all things a telephone.

How is it that a lump of plastic, wires, and chips can strike our hearts with terror?

Our minds search for a rational explanation of this seemingly irrational fear that drives us bonkers. We start to wonder, is our hatred of cold calling really procrastination or lack of organization in disguise?

Fact is if you keep experiencing rejection you will learn to hate cold calling. You will procrastinate and do anything and everything to avoid the phones altogether.

If you experience a fear of cold calling, this will encourage you. All great cold callers at one time or another hated, despised, and/or literally could not stomach cold calling. So, if this is where you are today, know you are in good company.

Fear of, hatred of, and loathing of cold calling pretty much boils down to this:  Sales professional who are oh-so-comfortable when talking to prospects face-to-face are surprised and confounded when they hit the phones and experience rejection.

When you move from face-time to phone-time you are operating without visual cues and left to rely on words alone. You simply need to learn the questions to ask and the words to say that will help you “see” what you are hearing on the phone. As soon as you learn the words to say to conduct a cold call that results in scheduling a face-to-face sales call with you prospect, you will equally skilled in both arenas.

The great news is that as a sales professional you are gifted with an ability to use words. You will be relieved and astounded to realize you are as accomplished on the phones as you are when selling in person.


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  1. says

    Leslie: good points – sometimes that phone can feel like it weighs a ton and is too heavy to lift again.

    When a string of rejections starts to make me want to avoid the phone, I take a break and psych myself up by telling myself that there is someone out there that both needs and wants my product. I need to get through all of the rejections so that I can reach this next “yes” and solve their problems for them.

    This seems to give me an amazing boost of energy. Somewhat coincidentally my next call generally IS a “yes”!

    – Dr. Jim Anderson
    The Accidental Negotiator Blog
    “Learn The Secrets To Successful Sales Negotiation – Close the Deal Every Time!”

  2. says

    Dr. Jim: you make good points yourself!

    Your phrasing “psych myself up” is critical to ongoing success in cold calling.

    When talking face-to-face with prospects the majority of sales professionals learn

    skills that eventually become automatic — seemingly instinctive. Sellers choose

    body posture and words that will impact the prospect’s psyche in a way that is

    favorable to buying and/or leaving the door open for another conversation about


    When it comes to cold calling, however, the need to learn a new set of skills is

    rarely considered. Then, on the magical day when the light bulb goes on and

    sellers clearly see the need to learn about cold calling – then and only then do they

    give themselves the option of “psyching themselves up”. There is a genuine need

    for we who cold call to “sell ourselves” on the possibilities waiting for us on the

    other end of the line!

    Thanks for your comment. My next stop is your blog!

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