Words Do Matter!

Everyone is scrambling to find new ways to help them sell more effectively. Products are updated. Materials are redesigned. Sales processes are changed. Any or all of these strategies may in fact increase business. However, there is one very inexpensive area for improvement that is overlooked by most salespeople - language. Improve your word power and you will increase your … [Read More...]

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Why Do Buyers Buy?

Every successful sale is made not so much because of the excellence of your product or of your sales pitch, but because consciously or unconsciously you have found … [Read More...]

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News From Top Sales World

2015 Top Sales Academy Launched2015 Top Sales Academy Launched

2015 Top Sales Academy launches on March 6th Once again this year’s faculty represents the brightest and most successful sales experts on the planet. They will be delivering leading-edge presentations, that are short, sharp and highly relevant. You will find full details HERE

Sales Innovation Expo 2015Sales Innovation Expo 2015

Europe's largest and most significant sales event of the year is taking place on May 13th/14th at Excel, London. 3000 Sales Leaders, 60 Exhibitors and 80 Seminars. Heading the speaking line-up are Top Sales World's Jonathan Farrington, Tamara Schenk and Tiffani Bova. Tickets are FREE, but you need to book early. Details HERE
Top Sales Magazine featuring Dave Kurlan

Latest Top Sales Magazine

Dave Kurlan, Founder & CEO of Objective Management Group Inc. is in the interview hot-seat. The lead article is “Sales Needs Leadership” by MHI Research Institute’s Tom Chamberlain, and in addition, they have superb contributions from Frank Cespedes, Rich Blakeman, Doug Winter and Suresh Balasubramanian.Sign up for FREE today!