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What do you do when you need time to reflect; to ponder; to plan; to renew the saw? Yes, me too. It's time to hang out the "Gone Fishin" sign for a month. I hope you will use this time wisely, and get yourselves across to Top Sales World as often as you are able. This sales hypermarket has shelves stacked with every conceivable resource you can imagine plus a superb weekly … [Read More...]

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Why Salespeople Fail

When I am asked to diagnose why an individual - or even an entire sales team - are not performing at optimum levels, I usually ask just four very straightforward … [Read More...]

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Top Sales Magazine

Latest Top Sales Magazine

In the interview hot seat this week, is Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer and Executive Vice President of MHI Research Institute. They also have superb contributions from Traci Curran, Tamara Schenk, Lori Richardson, Jeff Shore and Ken Thoreson. And the 2014-2015 Top Sales Academy is launched. This has got to be a bumper issue...  Sign up for FREE  today.
Top 50 Best Summer Reads

Top 50 Best Summer Reads

The Top Sales World’s editorial team – have selected their favorite 50 books, which they very much hope you will also enjoy. Are they the best 50 sales and marketing related books ever written? They cannot claim that, but certainly many of them would be right at home if such a list existed. View the Summer Reading list here.

Top Sales World Sales eLibraryThe TSW Sales eLibrary

Visit the TSW Sales eLibrary – probably the largest and most significant resource center for frontline sales professionals anywhere – whenever you are seeking inspiration. The shelves are stocked with every resource imaginable, including: articles, white papers, eBooks, webinars, podcasts, books, interviews etc. The eLibrary is updated daily by the TSW editors, so do return often. Enter  

Top Sales & Marketing Influencers 2014Top 50 Sales & Marketing Influencers

For the third year running, Top Sales World used the services of a small team of professional researchers a to discover who really are the sales and marketing experts, who genuinely influence the way we think, and sell. You can meet this year’s Top 50 Here